Reason #6 NOT To Vote For Steve Schuh: He doesn’t do his homework.

“Buildings don’t teach children. Teachers do.” Remember where you heard that. It certainly wasn’t from Steve Schuh, the Tea Party Republican candidate for Anne Arundel County Executive. Steve’s “big idea” to improve the quality of public education is to replace the county’s 12 larger, community high schools with 24 smaller, neighborhood high schools. (See Reason […] Continue reading →

Reason #4 NOT To Vote For Steve Schuh: The 3% solution.

Hi. Steve Schuh believes in smaller, less tax-intensive government. He’s officially a Tea Party Republican. That’s his philosophy. It’s no secret that candidates do their best to get voters’ attention. Of course they do. Getting voters to pay attention, to you instead of your opponent, is, after all, what campaigning is all about. Nothing wrong […] Continue reading →

Reason #2 NOT To Vote For Steve Schuh: He’s pro-life.

Once again, these reasons not to vote for Steve are numbered to make them easy to identify. Otherwise, the numbers don’t mean anything. Steve Schuh is pro-life. How do I know? Two reasons. One is that, on June 5th of this year, he received a 100% rating from Maryland Right To Life. The other is […] Continue reading →

Reasons NOT To Vote For Steve Schuh: The Introduction

Hi. See the person in the picture? His name is Steve Schuh. Mr. Schuh is one of three Delegates, in the Maryland House of Delegates, representing District 31. He’s currently completing his second four-year term. More to the point of this series of articles, he’s running to become the County Executive of Anne Arundel County, […] Continue reading →

Where have I been?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013 So you’ve probably been wondering, what’s happened to the regular articles I had been publishing to rid the halls of Congress of the unproductive, inefficient and inept? Am I a fair-weather columnist who only writes when the frenzied excitement of a coming election reaches its pinnacle? Have I contracted a form […] Continue reading →

Pomp and Hudson Valley Apple Pie

Monday, January 21, 2013, 1:30 PM ET Ah, the Inauguration. Yet another excuse for our government to do nothing, while spending a great deal of money doing it. Hands down, the highlight was Kelly Clarkson who was great. If you didn’t hear her rendition of “Of thee I sing,” you can find it on-line. When […] Continue reading →